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In 2005 Sam Verslegers & Eef Lantin started a practice for physiotherapy and osteopathy in the Bremstraat in Bree.

Patients, (top) athletes, ... soon found their way to the Bremstraat and the 1st employees also started. Groepsam guarantees the best possible treatment based on scientific knowledge: the best manual techniques in combination with the best exercises adapted to each athlete, patient.

In 2013, a second practice was opened in the renowned Kim Clijsters Sports And Health Club. This practice brings together a wide range of paramedical disciplines, each with specialists in their field: you will find among others. osteopaths, dieticians, psychologists, ...

In 2018, the Bremstraat was exchanged for a new state of the art practice on domain 'De Boneput' in Bree, located next to the Kim Clijsters Sports And Health Club.

In this practice you can go for physiotherapy, fitting soles for daily or sports use and osteopathy (at Sam Verslegers) (info: In addition and under 'one roof' you will find a sports center with the most modern functional equipment: Sports And More, where you can go for free training, functional training, personal training, small group sessions and online coaching (info: ).

Our mission at GROUPSAM is to use our expertise to offer every patient the best care: AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE and AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

In our sports center SPORTS AND MORE we want to guide as many people as possible in a correct and meaningful way to a HEALTHY and ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: young, old(er), recreational or top athlete.

we are here for you !!!


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